An observer is one who engages in observation or in watching an experiment.

Observer may also refer to:

Computer science and information theory

  • In information theory, any system which receives information from an object
  • A state observer in control theory, a system that models a real system in order to provide an estimate of its internal state
  • Observer pattern, a design pattern used in computer programming
  • Fiction

  • Observer (Mystery Science Theater 3000), a fictional television character
  • Observers, beings in the television show Fringe
  • Music

  • "Observer", a song by Gary Numan on his album The Pleasure Principle
  • "The Observer", a track from The Flaming Lips' 1999 album The Soft Bulletin
  • The Observers, alternative name for reggae session band Soul Syndicate when working with Winston Holness (a.k.a. Niney the Observer).
  • Physics

  • Observer (physics)
  • Observer (special relativity)
  • Observer (general relativity)
  • Observer (quantum physics)
  • Observator (astronomy)
  • Politics and diplomacy

  • Observer status, granted by an organization to allow a non-member limited participation
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    Life in Space?: Exoplanet Could Be First Discovered with Liquid Water on Its Surface

    The Cleveland American 15 Jul 2024
    he James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) It periodically contributes to the growing list of exoplanets compiled by experts, expanding the available information about the properties of objects in outer space ... Experts have access to JWST for observation ... After years of observations Because access to JWST is limited....

    Why a fair election in Venezuela could change the fate of millions of migrants – ...

    Egypt Independent 15 Jul 2024
    Even so, many experts believe that come the July 28 election the opposition has a real chance of pushing Maduro out of power. Recent polls put Gonzalez more than twenty percentage points ahead of Maduro and, for the first time in years, electoral observers from the Carter Center and the UN have been invited to monitor the election....

    Đắk Nông durian farmers reap bountiful harvests thanks to sustainable practices

    Vietnam News 15 Jul 2024
    Through diligent care and support from Bayer’s experts, my trees have thrived, exhibiting robust health with lush, verdant leaves. “I observed a remarkable 90 per cent decrease in pests and diseases, leading to a significant productivity increase of 20 per cent to 20 tonnes per hectare....

    GLOBALink | Spanish expert foresees boost in tourism as Chinese holidaymakers return

    Xinhua 14 Jul 2024
    A Spanish expert has said that an increase in holidaymakers from China will bolster the tourist industries of Spain and other European countries. #GLOBALink ... Tanzanian observer ... Tanzanian observer ... Spanish expert foresees boost in tourism as Chinese holidaymakers return. ....

    Palestinians 'severely beaten' after being kidnapped by Israeli forces

    Press TV 14 Jul 2024
    Israeli forces have kidnapped scores of Palestinians in attacks on several cities in the occupied Palestinian territories ... Hamas ... The UN expert urged the regime to allow immediate access to international human rights and humanitarian observers to all the places in which Palestinians have been detained since October ... .......

    Portsmouth teacher selected for National Geographic expedition to Iceland

    Daily Press 14 Jul 2024
    Aziz Zahraoui always looks for ways to make math relatable to his students. Many often ask him. “Where am I going to use this?” ... and Canada ... He expects to participate in data collection, observe volcanic landscapes, go on glacier walks and measure glacial retreat. He will also learn from expert navigators aboard the National Geographic Explorer vessel....

    UEFA Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament: Who won the award plus prizes for Young Player, Team of Tournament?

    Sportingnews 14 Jul 2024
    For Euro 2024, the winner was decided by UEFA's technical observers, a group of experts including Fabio Capello, Rafael Benítez, Frank de Boer and Ole Gunnar Solskjær ... Several players emerged as strong contenders ... The Team of the Tournament is chosen by UEFA's technical observers and includes the best players in each position ... ....

    US financial watchdog urged to investigate NDAs at OpenAI

    The Observer 14 Jul 2024
    San Francisco-based OpenAI is the developer of the ChatGPT chatbot and a key player in the artificial intelligence boom, which has been accompanied by expressions of concern from experts about the potential dangerous capabilities of the technology. Microsoft drops observer seat on OpenAI board amid regulator scrutiny. Read more ... Free daily newsletter....

    Rowan’s dad still wonders why his son, 4, was killed

    The Vindicator 13 Jul 2024
    The judge mentioned Wednesday some of the issues in the criminal cases that took so many years to resolve — DNA testing in the case that Bryant’s attorneys challenged for months, demanding that their expert witness be permitted to observe the testing procedures to ensure that the results were fair and accurate....

    Toronto gun violence surges with shootings up nearly 70%, deaths more than double

    True North 13 Jul 2024
    Toronto’s streets are rife with gun crime and there are no signs that the shootings are slowing down ... The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights questioned in a post to X the logic behind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s gun ban ... No serious observer is surprised at the results,” said Giltaca. “This is not rocket science; any serious expert knows this....

    What's with the 'hydrangea hysteria'? This is why they're so vibrant this summer 13 Jul 2024
    In the Garden with Carolyn and Dave Haight at their Whitefish Bay home ... This is by far the best, I would say, of the last 20 years, which is kind of how long I've been observing them," said Lorrain Ballato, instructor and resident hydrangea expert at the New York Botanical Garden ... How weather created this summer's bright hydrangea bloom....

    China sees more foreign visitors, but far fewer than before COVID

    Beijing News 13 Jul 2024
    The number of foreigners traveling to the country is a third of what it was in 2019 ... Tourism experts and observers, however, say that China's grim political atmosphere, post-pandemic safety concerns and the high cost of long-distance travel are still obstacles for foreign tourists hoping to visit the country ... and European travelers ... The U.S ... ....

    First cop to arrive at chilling scene where Oklahoma teen Noah Presgrove was mysteriously found dead...

    The Daily Mail 13 Jul 2024
    'I didn't observe a lot [of blood] from what little I was there checking – once we determined he was in fact dead, I was just securing the location,' he said. Williams couldn't say if there was more or less blood than you would expect from Presgrove's injuries, as he was not a medical expert, but it was not an obvious amount....